Types of Carpet for Commercial Properties

commercial carpet

Using carpets in commercial properties has become a trend and every business owner wants to capitalize on the benefits of carpet flooring. It is cheap and carpet cleaning isn’t needed to often. You may decide to get a carpet for your office building or real estate property but do not know which carpet to go for to give a great impression of your facility. Here are some of the best carpets for commercial properties that you can try out.

Carpet Tiles

One of the most vital factors you should consider when choosing a carpet for a commercial property is durability. The type of carpet that is suitable for an office is one that can withstand heavy traffic for long periods. Carpet tiles have a kind of backing attached to it that gives it extra protection. That is why they absorb up to 25% extra sound compared to other carpets. They are easy to install and are very affordable. If a section of the carpet tiles gets damaged, you only replace the tiles in that part and not the entire carpet. Hard-backed tiles are a type of commercial tile that absorb all the foot traffic and pressure exerted by furniture. Therefore, they can wear easily because of a lot of wear and tear. The cushion-backed carpet tile only absorbs part of the pressure from foot traffic. Therefore, it can last longer than hard-backed carpet tiles.

Berber carpets

An office environment requires a low profile carpet and a Berber carpet perfectly fits this description. An officer typically contains office chairs and some of these chairs have wheels which means they are moved around. The office may also have heavy furniture and equipment. That is why a short pile carpet is needed to make movement easier. The looped Berber carpet is perfect for office settings compared to residential places because they have a lower profile. A level loop Berber carpet will serve you best in commercial places compared to a looped Berber carpet with different heights because the latter has more chances of snagging. A cut and loop Berber carpet can be ideal if you are looking for a more cozy carpet that is closer to the residential carpets.

Dyed carpets

Aesthetics is another essential factor you should think of when buying a carpet for your commercial property. Yes, the carpet needs to be durable and all that but you aim to attract new customers and retain existing ones by giving a great impression of your residential place. That is why you need a carpet that looks good and dyed carpets are perfect. There are various types of dyed carpets. You can go for solution-dyed carpets. These are carpets whose fibers are dyed before they are used to make carpets. Therefore, the carpet has the ability to resist approximately 10% concentration of bleach products which means that it will not fade easily. You can also go for continuous-dyed carpets whose fibers are dyed after being used to construct carpets. These carpets are available in a variety of colors and shades. If you are looking for colors that are not common then you can choose it.

After installing your carpet for your commercial property, you need to get entry mats too. Although these mats will not cover a huge part, they will provide extra protection to your carpet and make them last longer. People will step on the entry mats where they will leave dirt that would have been deposited on to the carpet. It also absorbs any extra moisture.