Common Home Foundation Problems

home foundation

You put all your life’s savings and dreams into buying your own home only to come to learn that it has some major foundation problems.

A structural problem in the home foundation can be any home owner’s nightmare. These need to be repaired soon or else they will weaken the foundation and decrease the resale value of your home.

Home Foundation Problems:

Cracks in the Drywall:

You have to beware of the cracks in the floors and walls. If the cracks are too thin, they are normal as they arise due to the further settling in of the house. They just need to be infused properly to prevent water leakage.

If the cracks are real big, it probably means moist ground or poor quality cement. This could be very dangerous and your house can fall off its weak foundation any time.

Dysfunctional Doors:

These misaligned doors or windows indicate a shift in the foundation or inaccurately taken measurements.

If you find doors that stick and do not open easily, then probably, they are not built properly. You need to check for these signs if you are purchasing a new house.

Uneven Floors:

Uneven floors or sloping staircases indicate that there might have been a pitch in the foundation. These too need to be checked before you begin the interiors of your house.


This is a major problem when if not checked in the initial stages could lead to severe damage of your costly furniture, interiors and may also lead to termite infestation later. All the water leakages need to be checked and repaired properly before you begin further work in the house.

These problems indicate that poor quality cement has been used or poor construction has been done since the start of the construction of your house. These can be repaired but might need an experienced professional to analyze the depth and degree of repair required.

This could be a costly affair and needs to be done as soon as possible else you will always have an issue with your home. Experienced professionals would give you an accurate analysis and will design a proper repair solution.

Buying a House with Foundation Problems:

If you really like the house, then maybe you could go in for it. But it is wise to get it evaluated by a professional first to design a repair budget. You can see if it fits in your budget and whether the home is worth all the repair work.

Bulging floors, cracked walls, and doors that won’t close are all signs of foundation distress. A major percent of the homes which are built on soil which is prone to expansion, suffer from foundation problems.

After construction or mid-way, a part of the foundation settles deeper into the soil or heaves which leads to the formation of cracks in the flooring or walls.

Foundation problems can render the house unsafe for dwelling and need to be repaired before you start staying in there.